Bacon and the Chicken

The story goes that Sir Francis Bacon was traveling through a blizzard in a carriage when he was suddenly struck with the idea of preserving meat with snow.

Ole Kirk Christiansen

In 1934 Christiansen formed a stand alone toy company called Lego. It got its name from the Danish phrase "leg godt" which translates to "play well."

Ripple Rock

When Canada blew up an underwater mountain, it was one of the largest planned non-nuclear explosions of all time.

Poon Lim

His 133 days all alone in the life raft still stands as the longest ordeal survived by a single man at sea.

Niagara Trickle

A farmer out for a late night stroll noticed something odd. The silence. The thundering sound of a gazillion gallons of water flowing over Niagara Falls was gone.

Three Mile Island

Dangerous levels of radioactive gas were released and the government called for an evacuation of pregnant women and children within 5 miles of the plant.


She was the stepmother and matriarch behind the Trapp Family Singers, who are immortalized in The Sound of Music.