Divine Wind

A typhoon destroyed Kublai Khan's fleet of more than 4000 ships and 140,000 men. Next to D-Day, this was the largest naval invasion force ever assembled.

The Last Quagga

The quagga was a subspecies of the plains zebra. The species went extinct in 1883, but there's a controversial effort to breed it back into existence.

First SOS

In 1909 a wireless operator named T.D. Haubner sent the first SOS call from an American steamship. The incident happened off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Ghost on Film?

In 1991, Mari Huff and some fellow members of the Ghost Research Society were in the Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Illinois when they captured an eerie image of someone or something sitting on a tombstone.

Glider King

Otto Lilienthal, the aviation pioneer, was the first person to successfully design, build and fly a working hang glider.


Josef Carl Engressia, Jr made a huge name for himself as one of the pioneers in the world of Phone Phreaks.

Le Griffon

In 1679, French explorer Robert de La Salle set sail on a 45-ton barque called Le Griffon. It became the first sailing ship to cross Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

The Burning of Junius

In 1628, Johannes Junius, the Mayor of Bamberg was burned alive for being a witch. He was one of hundreds of people who were executed in Germany as part of the infamous Bamberg witch trials.