Cavalese Cable Car Disaster

Two of the tram's steel cables got crossed and somehow one of them was severed. The cabin plunged 700 feet down the mountain and skidded another 300 feet before coming to a stop.

The Last Holdout

It was on this day, 29 years after World War II ended, that a lone Japanese soldier was finally coaxed out of his hiding place in the Philippines.

Death by Toothpick

Sherwood Anderson loved to write about "grotesques." That was his way of describing people who are undermined by their own illusions or false dreams.

The Yogi

Through yoga and meditation, he inspired his students to see beyond the current moment and to understand the deeper calling inside each living being.

The Bunion Derby

At 3:30 PM on this day, 199 runners left Los Angeles for the first Transcontinental Foot Race. The first man to make it to New York City would win $25,000.