Man on Kite

A 34-year-old carpet salesman from Kentucky, went for a wild ride on a kite. The flight lasted for 12 hours and covered 390 miles.

The White Bird

Two French aviators attempted the first trans-atlantic flight from Paris to New York. Their fate is one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time.

Sarah Ann Henley

a distraught barmaid named Sarah Ann Henley jumped off the Clifton Suspension Bridge that towers 246 feet above the Avon River in England. Miraculously, she survived.

Death by Clam

A diver named Etem got his hand stuck inside a giant clam and drowned. The giant pearl he was clutching is now valued at approximately $40,000,000.

Rolls Meets Royce

Rolls owned one of England's first car dealerships. Royce was a mechanical engineer who had just built a 2-cylinder car that greatly impressed Rolls.

Deeper Blue

Garry Kasparov, the reigning chess champion, began a six-game series against the IBM computer known as Deep Blue.

Deadly Hail

246 people died under the lethal barrage. Most of the victims had been working in the fields when the storm hit without warning.

The Frank Slide

At 4:10 in the morning a massive chunk of limestone peeled off the east face of Turtle Mountain in Alberta, Canada. In 100 seconds, 90 million tons of rock came crashing down the mountain and buried the sleepy coal mining town of Frank.

Kon Tiki

Thor Heyerdahl and five of his buddies set sail on a balsa wood raft. It was the beginning of a 101-day voyage from Peru to Polynesia.

Teenage Sniper

16-year-old Michael Andrew Clark climbed to the top of a hill overlooking Highway 101 outside Orcutt, California. When the sun came up he began shooting at cars.