Nadia's Perfect 10

The amazing feat came during the 1976 Montreal games where the scoreboards were not equipped to deal with a 10, so they displayed it as a 1.0.


It's one of the most famous headlines of all time, and it promoted a story about rural audiences rejecting Hollywood's attempts to cater to them with movies about country life.

Trinity Test

In the first successful test of an atomic weapon, the concrete and steel of the testing tower was vaporized instantly and the floor of the desert was turned into a bowl of glass 10 feet thick and 1000 feet wide.

Cosmic Blast

An extremely large solar flare (as if there's ever a small one) was followed by mind-blowing mass ejection that blasted billions of tons of atomic particles toward the Earth at 3 million miles per hour.

Boating with Alice

While floating on an offshoot of the River Thames, Charles Dodgson (A.K.A Lewis Carroll) came up with an improvised tale that would one day morph into the classic book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.