Outlaw Mummy

For 60 years, the mummified body of a western bandit made the rounds through a neverending series of state fairs, wax museums and haunted houses.

Curse of the Goat

In 1945, Billy Sianis and his beer-drinking goat were kicked out of a World Series game between the hometown Cubs and the Detroit Tigers. The curse Sianis muttered would haunt the Cubs for over 70 years.

Grizzly Deaths

After over a dozen summers living amongst the bears, Timothy Treadwell (A.K.A Grizzly Man) and his girlfriend, Amie Huguenardwas were killed and eaten by a grizzly.

New Jersey Explodes

In 1918 a massive explosion rocked the area around Morgan, New Jersey as an ammunition plant blew up. Fires and secondary explosions would continue for another 3 days as over 100 were killed and hundreds of buildings were destroyed.

Snail Compass

In 1851 a Frenchman named Jacques Toussaint Benoit performed a demonstration of the pasilalinic-sympathetic compass. This was an imaginative contraption that he hoped would prove that snails were able to communicate telepathically.

Captain Webb

In 1875, an Englshman named Captain Matthew Webb became the first man to successfully swim across the Engilsh Channel. It was one of his many heroic feats.

The Marichal Incident

One of the most infamous brawls in baseball history happened at Candlestick Park during a game between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.


He was the most recognizable of his famous siblings, the Marx Brothers. Together they appeared in 13 feature films including Animal Crackers, Duck Soup and Horse Feathers.

Deal with the Devil

A priest named Urbain Grandier was burned alive after a notorious trial that included a remarkable piece of evidence - a document signed by Satan himself.

Let Them Eat Grass

Many regard this comment as the spark that ignited the Dakota War of 1862, an incredibly bloody campaign of terror that claimed the lives of up to 800 white settlers.