The Frank Slide

At 4:10 in the morning a massive chunk of limestone peeled off the east face of Turtle Mountain in Alberta, Canada. In 100 seconds, 90 million tons of rock came crashing down the mountain and buried the sleepy coal mining town of Frank.

Kon Tiki

Thor Heyerdahl and five of his buddies set sail on a balsa wood raft. It was the beginning of a 101-day voyage from Peru to Polynesia.

Teenage Sniper

16-year-old Michael Andrew Clark climbed to the top of a hill overlooking Highway 101 outside Orcutt, California. When the sun came up he began shooting at cars.

Super Wave

Triggered by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in the ocean, a 279-foot wall of water slammed into Ishigaki Island.


The controversial veterinarian and researcher who brought Snuppy to life has since founded a company that clones dogs for about $100,000 a pop.

Judy Garland Returns

In 1961, Judy Garland returned from a critically acclaimed European tour with a new lease on life. When she took to the stage at Carnegie Hall she looked great and sounded even better.

Tim Dinsdale

His grainy footage of what might be the Loch Ness Monster ranks up there with the Zapruder film as one of the most analyzed scenes of all time.

A Tear in Each Note

Moreschi quickly made a name for himself with his angelic voice and he was often asked to perform at private parties for Rome's most powerful families.

Jim Corbett

During a 30-year career, Corbett hunted down tigers and leopards that had killed more than 1,200 men, women and children.

Last of the Wild Condors

The last of the wild California Condors was captured in a desperate attempt to save the species from extinction. At the time of his capture there were only 27 of the birds left.