Outlaw Mummy

For 60 years, the mummified body of a western bandit made the rounds through a neverending series of state fairs, wax museums and haunted houses.

Curse of the Goat

In 1945, Billy Sianis and his beer-drinking goat were kicked out of a World Series game between the hometown Cubs and the Detroit Tigers. The curse Sianis muttered would haunt the Cubs for over 70 years.

Grizzly Deaths

After over a dozen summers living amongst the bears, Timothy Treadwell (A.K.A Grizzly Man) and his girlfriend, Amie Huguenardwas were killed and eaten by a grizzly.

New Jersey Explodes

In 1918 a massive explosion rocked the area around Morgan, New Jersey as an ammunition plant blew up. Fires and secondary explosions would continue for another 3 days as over 100 were killed and hundreds of buildings were destroyed.

Snail Compass

In 1851 a Frenchman named Jacques Toussaint Benoit performed a demonstration of the pasilalinic-sympathetic compass. This was an imaginative contraption that he hoped would prove that snails were able to communicate telepathically.